The 4 Best Bull Bars For Your Triton

Can you imagine taking your Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 ute to the bush without having a bull bar to protect yourself and your vehicle from any collision with wild animals?

I guess we have the same answer at the back of our minds and that’s a big NO. I’d rather be sure and equip my truck with a bull bar to protect myself as a driver and also my loved ones onboard from any unexpected collisions. In this article, we will talk about how important it is to have a bull bar on our 4x4 truck.

Before we dig deeper on what are the advantages of having bull bars on our Mitsubishi Triton, let’s move backward a little bit and have a glimpse of history as to why bull bars had been discovered and existed until this present time. In that way, we’ll be able to understand why using bull bars on our 4x4 truck is not just beneficial to our vehicle but also to us, our protection as a whole.


History of Bullbars:

Did you know that ‘Bull Bars’ were first used in Australia? Yes, you read it just right. They were first used in Australia to protect the vehicle or truck from any damages caused by collision from wild animals such as kangaroos, cattle, etc. The ‘Bull’ in the name refers to cattle that may roam around onto rural roads and highways unexpectedly.


While others are using bull bars to protect themselves from any serious damages if there’s a collision on the road, a bullbar can also protect the vehicle's radiator, grille, and front bumper that can drain your bank if these parts of the vehicle get damaged.

A few years back, only wild rangers and other individuals who are researching the wild are the only few people who were using Bull Bars or what they so-called “extra protection” on their vehicle. Today, the situation has drastically changed and we can see bull bars on police or patrol cars who are doing pursuits and also with some enthusiasts who are doing adventures in the wild.

Many individuals are using Bull Bars in this fast-changing world we are living in because they met their needs and specifications. Now, let’s move forward and tackle some important matters that will benefit us a lot in a long run.


Did you know what is the simplest difference between a Winch Bar and a Bull Bar?

A winch bar is appropriate and compatible if your truck only roams around in rural areas where having a collision with wild animals or with another truck is very rare. Not only that, the winch bar offers you the option to mount accessories. Most of the time, Winch Bars will only offer protection to the radiator, grille, and surrounding areas of your vehicle but not entirely.

Take note: a Winch Bar only offers minimal protection from impact. On the other hand, a Bull Bar offers maximum protection from any impact you will encounter. It is a shock-absorbent that can help you stay away from any serious injuries and damages to your vehicle when there is a collision with wild animals and another truck.

Oftentimes, a Winch Bar is constructed from aluminum tubing and some of the areas are also made of polycarbonate. Engineers and manufacturers today are still working on an option for how to design the Winch Bar that can match the level of protection of what Bull Bar offers to the public. The Winch Bar can usually be seen fitted to small SUVs and sedans. As you noticed, these types of vehicles are being used in rural areas only.

But a Bull Bar is different as it offers a higher level of protection. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. It protects the vehicle from any serious damages and absorbs the shock from the collision to protect the driver and the other occupants.


How would I know if a Winch Bar or Bull Bar is right for me?

Well, the choice of getting a Winch Bar or Bull Bar can be determined and examined where and when you tend to drive. It all boils down to your needs. If having the Winch Bar is beneficial to you, then go for it. If not, go the other way around. We must keep in mind that Winch Bars and Bullbars can increase fuel consumption at some point. Both of them are constructed with durable yet lightweight materials so you can expect an additional weight.

At this point, since we already know a little bit of the history of a bullbar, the difference between Winch and Bull Bar, let’s get down to the main point of this article which is to know the best 4 Bull Bars of your Mitsubishi Triton. Mitsubishi Triton is a compact pick-up truck produced by Mitsubishi motors and can be used as a patrol car, wild ranger’s car, or even for personal use whether it’s for leisure or business.


Summit Bull Bar by ARB

The 4 Best Bull Bars For Your Triton
This Bull Bar manufactured by ARB is designed to complement the Mitsubishi Triton. It is very durable and constructed from selected world-class materials to achieve a high level of protection. This Bull Bar by ARB is also constructed to work with Winch that provides protection and styling like no other. It also has laser-cut holes for mounting ARB intensity LED & Bushranger driving lights that are very useful when you drive in the middle of the night.

Key Features:

  • 30mm edge radius on wings and center section
  • Engineered, airbag compatible mounting system
  • Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow
  • Three-piece grill design for split pan
  • Extensive protection panels on centre and either side
  • 60.3mm outer tubing and centre crossbar
  • Formed cover straps
  • Pressed top pan and aluminum (powder-coated black) winch cover panel

Did you know that this Bull Bar with ARB has Twin Hi-Lift jack points located below each buffer for optimum strength?

The Twin Hi-Lift jack points will help absorb any shock from collision and minimize the damages to the vehicle. It is compatible to work with a line of accessories such as Warn, Magnum, Bushranger, and Smittybilt low mount model electric winches up to 10,000lb. Supplied in a durable black powder coat finish, color coding is available as an option that suits your preference for a fully integrated look.

This Summit Bull Bar with ARB is must-have protection when we are talking about exploring the wild with our Mitsubishi Triton. It offers a higher level of protection that protects the front and the surrounding parts of the vehicle from any serious damages and also the drivers and the other occupants.


Piak Elite Non Loop Bar For Mitsubishi Triton MQ

The 4 Best Bull Bars For Your Triton

The Non-Loop Bar is designed to survive the rugged roads of Australia. Piak designed and manufactured this Non-Loop Bar with durability to withstand any collision on the road and is compatible to work with Mitsubishi Triton 2015 onwards.
Plus, it is constructed from high-strength steel that attributes for low corrosion to ensure long years of service. Just like the Summit Bull Bar, it offers maximum protection of the vehicle in case of a sudden collision and keeps the driver and the occupants away from serious injuries.


Key Features:

  • Airbag compatible mounting system. 
  • High Strength Steel construction that has the attributes of low corrosion.
  • Fitted with fog lamps. 
  • Fitted with LED combination lamp for Indicator & Clearance light.
  • Multi-fold wing design including taper for optimum strength & approach angle.
  • Combination Bar that suits both winch and non-winch applications. 
  • Split front panel to provide maximum strength & airflow.

This Non-Loop Bar is labeled as “ELITE” because of its versatility and how it was constructed. It comes with triple protection plate that you cannot find from the rest of the competitors and can accommodate OE front parking sensors and Tech Part compatibility. It’s versatile to works with Airbag mounting system and fitted with an LED combination lamp for indicator and clearance light for you to have a wider range of vision every time you need it, especially when it’s dark and the wild animals are starting to roam and cross the road when you least expect them.

To view it, CLICK HERE.


Piak Elite Post Bar for Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2019 – Onwards

The 4 Best Bull Bars For Your Triton
I’m sure we both agree on how durable this Post Bar is by just looking at how it was constructed. Piak knows what we truly need and what we want. Piak manufactured this Elite Post Bar from high-strength steel construction that attributes for low corrosion and usually has driving light provisions as standard which adds aesthetic appeal and value to your vehicle.

This Elite Post Bar for Mitsubishi Triton features a full bumper replacement, and a supplied triple protection plate to achieve durability that you can count on every time you are in the wild.

Key Features:

  • Multi-fold wing design including taper for optimum strength & approach angle.
  • Combination bar that suits both winch and non-winch applications.
  • Split front panel to provide maximum strength & airflow.
  • High strength steel construction that has the attributes of low corrosion.
  • Twin high lift jack points.
  • Three aerial brackets standard.
  • Provision for light bar & driving lights.

Are you still double-minded about whether to get one of the Bars we’ve discussed so far including this Elite Post Bar? Well, you should make up your mind soon. Going back, this Post Bar has a front body protected with plates included. Backed with a 2-year warranty, this Elite Post Bar can offer maximum protection to your vehicle and the people inside of the vehicle for a long time. This should be one of your choices or your choice to gear up your Mitsubishi Triton with style and durability like no other.

To view it CLICK HERE.


AFN Bull Bar – Mitsubishi Triton MQ (2015-2019)

The 4 Best Bull Bars For Your TritonThis Bull Bar complements the contour of Mitsubishi Triton. The installation is pretty easy and offers a sleek and unique style that adds strength, clearance, and functionality.

AFN Bull Bar constructed this bar from 100% steel construction to achieve durability that can protect the vehicle and the surrounding areas of the truck as well as the driver and the passenger. Just like the rest of Bull Bars, AFN also includes a 6mm Aluminum centre underbar plate to protect the truck parts from any serious damage due to rocks, woods, and other elements that could bring damages to your truck.

Key Features:

  • Full Bumper Replacement – Sleek form-fitting design
  • Winch compatible up to 12,000 lbs
  • 2 x rated recovery points
  • 2 x Hi-lift Jack points
  • 2 x Antenna Tabs
  • Under Bar Plates
  • Fog/Indicator Light Assemblies
  • Replacement Aluminum washer bottle

Note: "The Bull Bar on this Mitsubishi Triton comes in standard matte black powder coat finish. However, colour coding is optional on local supply or fitted bull bars only.”

Though others may say that Bull Bar isn’t necessary at all when doing off-road or something like that, mounting a Bull Bar on your Mitsubishi Triton is an investment for a very long time. This Bull Bar can offer critical strength and protection against animal strikes such as kangaroo or sheep.

Let’s have a quick recap:

In this present time, safety and security are more valuable than anything else. The same goes for our vehicle. Adding extra protection to our vehicle will benefit us in a long run. Bull Bars or Winch Bars come in many shapes and sizes and are made from different construction materials depending on what type of vehicle, year, and make.

Effectively, ‘Bull Bar’ offers maximum protection to your vehicle as well as to the passengers and the driver. It is an effective shock-absorbent masterpiece to prevent serious damages to the truck and injuries. On the other hand, ‘Winch Bar’ (nudge bar) offers minimal protection and does not extend to the full width of the vehicle, but still provides protection to the bumpers and other areas of the truck. 

Have you made up your mind yet?

Remember, getting a ‘Bull Bar’ or a ‘Winch Bar’ all boils to you, your needs, and the type of setting or location you are currently in. Though they enhance the looks of the trucks still it is vital to have research, knowledge, and a consultation with experts if you are still unsure whether to get a Bull Bar, Winch Bar, or nothing at all.

I hope this article is beneficial to you that you can get a piece of information about Bull Bars. We feature these Bars because they exceeded the expectations and met the standards of the public. I know decision-making is hard, so if you’re unsure and want to get more information, contact our customer support team and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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