Electric Portable Fridge/Freezer

Flat Pack Food Container - Front Runner
Flat Pack Food Storage Box - by Front Runner Outfitters This heavy-duty rigid canvas box works double duty as a Wolf Pack insert, or as a stand-alone storage box. It was mostly designed to storage food in the trunk of...
Fridge Base Plate - National Luna
Fridge Base Plate - 4 Sizes - by National Luna National Luna Mounting Base Plates are used for securely mounting National Luna portable fridges to the floor of vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers, and other moving vehicles. These plates are also...
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Eezi-Awn Shuttle Fridge Slide
Shuttle Slim Fridge Slide - by Eezi-Awn One of the slimmest, if not the slimmest fridge freezer slide in the industry, the Shuttle by Eezi Awn is manufactured of powder coated aluminum extrusions. Weighing only 9kg's and with a height...
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Eezi-Awn Fridge Slider K9
K9 Fridge Slide - by Eezi-Awn A high quality slide for your portable electric fridge freezer. Install it in the back of your vehicle, and this K9 fridge slide by Eezi-Awn will safely keep in place your fridges. K9 Fridge...
National Luna Classic Fridge/Freezer - Multiple Sizes
Classic Fridge/Freezer - From 40L to 125L - by National Luna If you're an experienced overlander, camper or you frequently do long road trips, the Classic Fridge/Freezer by National Luna is what you want. First things first, this fridge comes with...
from $1,495.00
National Luna Weekender Fridge/Freezer - 2 Sizes
Weekender Fridge/Freezer - 2 Sizes 50L and 52L - by National Luna One of the best, if not the best fridge/freezer in the market. National Luna initially started creating fridges to transport medicinal supplies in the tough African conditions. However,...
from $1,595.00
National Luna Double Door Fridge/Freezer - 2 Sizes
Double Door Fridge/Freezer - 2 Sizes 72L and 110L - by National Luna Literally one of the best fridge freezers in the worldwide overlanding, 4x4 and camping market. National Luna has managed to create outstanding fridges over the years, and...
from $2,295.00
National Luna Twin Compartment Fridge/Freezer - 2 Sizes
Twin Compartment Fridge/Freezer - 2 Sizes 60L and 90L - by National Luna An ideal drive freezer with two compartments, both the same size or dimensions, made by National Luna. It is an outstanding product, which comes with a 3...
from $1,845.00
Fridge/Freezer Protection Jacket - National Luna
Fridge/Freezer Protection Jacket - 6 Size - by National Luna National Luna Protection Jackets are effective against physical damage, such as dents and scratches, and can improve refrigerator performance by shielding the metallic surface from direct sunlight. The jackets are...
from $139.00
Front Runner 4 Cub Box Drawer & Fridge Slide Combo
4 Cub Box Drawer & Fridge Slide Combo - Fits Multiple Vehicles - by Front Runner Outfitters The ideal vehicle drawer kit for serious overlanders, off road enthusiasts or anyone taking long road trips or holidays. This Front Runner 4...
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