Annexes For Roof Top Tents

Rooftop Tent Annex Collection

In this particular collection you will find the annexes available for your roof top tent. Annexes can be better defined as the add-on-room that attaches to your rooftop tent.

Generally, they are zipped on the oeovhang area over the ladder, or on the space between the ladder and your vehicle when it comes to tents with no overhang. They are more common on softshell RTTs, as they have a design that's "friendlier" to these stand-up rooms.

However, there are hardshell models that can fit with an annex, such as the Bundutec Bundutop, or the iKamper Skycamp.

The annex is a great addition to any tent. Not only can the be used to store luggage, gear and more when you're camping, but they can even sleep people or pets when they're spacious enough.

Furthermore, they're perfect to change whilst standing up, offering privacy and a dry area to do so.

Some of the tents already include the annex with the purchase, but others don't. Anyways, in this collection you will find all the ones we have available at Off Road Tents Australia.

BOAB Annex Extension For Soft Shell Roof Top Tent
BOAB Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Annex  Whether you need an extra sleeping area for your friends or family, or you're seeking a protected leisure space shielded from the elements, the BOAB annex designed for the soft shell rooftop tent...
BOAB Annex Suit T-Top Roof Tent
Annex suit Featherlite/AVENTA T-Top Roof Tent - by BOAB Camping is an extremely beautiful activity that can be very pleasant or difficult depending on the gear that you bring. Having a suitable camping tent is key to enjoying your stay...
Front Runner Annex For Feather-Line Roof Top Tent
Annex For Feather-Line Roof Top Tent - by Front Runner Outfitters This is the ideal accessory to purchase with your Feather Line rooftop tent by Front Runner Outfitters, the annex will add extra space for storing bags and other items, as...
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