Vehicle Awnings

Guana Equipment Morpho 270 Awning
Morpho 270 Degree Awning - by Guana Equipment Another great product from Guana Equipment. This excellent 270 degree awning, was inspired by the Morpho Butterfly, a very unique butterfly found in the Costa Rican rainforest.  It's a tan colored 270...
$599.00 $450.00
Eezi-Awn Series 2000 Retractable Awning - 4 Sizes
Series 2000 Side Awning - 4 Sizes Available - by Eezi-Awn Awnings can be a game changer when it comes to camping, overlanding or just enjoying the outdoors. They protect you and your family from the sun, UV rays, and...
from $630.00
  • Black
  • Silver
  • 2.5M
Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Side Awning - 2 Sizes
Sunseeker Side Awning - 2 Sizes: 2 Meters & 2.5 Meters Long - by Rhino-Rack The Sunseeker side awning by Rhino-Rack is as good as all their products, which is a major statement. Rhino-Rack is globally recognized as being one...
from $349.00
Eezi-Awn Spoyla Awning
Spoyla Rear Awning - by Eezi-Awn The Spoyla is one of the smallest awnings available by Eezi-Awn. Ideal to be placed in the rear part of your vehicle. The Spoyla awning is basically a 2000 series awning for the rear...
Eezi-Awn Bat 270 Awning
Bat Awning - 270 Degrees Of Coverage - by Eezi-Awn The Eezi-Awn 270 Degree Bat Awning is one of the most famous and popular awnings for overlanders or camping enthusiasts. It has an innovative design that can be easily deployed in less...
from $1,359.74
Camp King Industries 270 Degree Freestanding Awning
270-Degree Freestanding Awning - by Camp King Industries A self-supporting awning to serve as shade when needed, the Camp King Industries' 270 Awning provides instant shelter to your gang when exploring outdoors. Park and easily set up your awning without...
Eezi Awn Manta 270 Awning
from $1,464.75
  • Tan
  • Gray
Eezi Awn Manta 270 Awning
Manta Awning - 270 Degrees - Passenger & Driver Sides Available - by Eezi-Awn For those looking at a 270 degree awning, the Manta 270 by Eezi-Awn is one of the absolute best in the market. The Eezi-Awn Manta 270 Awning...
from $1,464.75
  • Tan
  • Gray
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Shade Awning - Eezi-Awn
Shade Awning - Side Awning With 2M and 2.5M Of Length - by Eezi-Awn Eezi-Awn is known for being one of the best manufacturers of roof top tents, camping and overlanding gear in the world. The Shade Awning, is a...
from $299.00
Eezi-Awn Swift Awning
Swift Side Awning - by Eezi-Awn Eezi-Awn, besides being one of the best known companies of roof top tents and overlanding gear in the world, has a wide range of awnings. Depending on your needs, you might want to pick one...
Series 1000 Awning - Eezi-Awn
from $624.00
  • Silver
  • Black
Series 1000 Awning - Eezi-Awn
Series 1000 - Side Awning - 2 Sizes Available - by Eezi-Awn The Eezi-Awn Series 1000 Awning is a very good quality awning, hand-rolled and enclosed in a very resistant anodized aluminum case, offering the necessary protection from any element....
from $624.00
  • Silver
  • Black
Rhino-Rack Batwing 270 Awning - Driver's & Passenger's Side
Batwing 270 Degree Awning - Driver's & Passenger's Side Available - by Rhino-Rack Probably the most famous 270 degree awning in the market, thanks to it's quality, adaptability and manufacturer: the Batwing awning by Rhino Rack is one of the...
Rhino-Rack Compact Batwing 270 Awning - Driver's & Passenger's Side
COMPACT Batwing 270 Degree Awning - Smaller Version - Driver's & Passenger's Side Available - by Rhino-Rack A smaller or compact version of the famous Batwing 270 Awning, also from Rhino-Rack. It is ideal for smaller SUVs or vehicles. The...
Easy-Out Awning Brackets - Front Runner Outfitters
Easy-Out Awning Brackets - Mount the Awning (as well as others) to the Slimline II Roof Rack - by Front Runner Outfitters These brackets were specifically designed to mount the Easy-Out Awning, as well as many other side awnings form other...
Front Runner Movable Awning Arm
Movable Awning Arm - Only For Front Runner Slimline II Racks - by Front Runner Outfitters The sun comes out, you set up the awning, and then as the day goes by you realize the sun moved, and you don't have as much...
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Guana Equipment 6.5' x 6.5' Side Awning
6.5' x 6'5' Side Vehicle Awning - by Guana Equipment A classic side awning, made with 420 D Polyester Canvas and a tan color, as well as a black PVC Cover. This side awning is a high quality and easy...

Car Awnings - Side, Foxwing And Batwing

Do you regularly go camping, or have outdoors activities such as barbies, and such? Then a vehicle awning might be a useful addition to your car, ute or truck.

There are different types of awnings, from the regular side awnings which extend on either the driver's or passenger's side of your vehicle, or foxwing and batwing awnings, which are sometimes called 270 awnings, or 180 awnings based on the degree of extension they have.

The latter models tend to be more expensive, as they are not only longer, but offer a much vast shaded area. A regular side awning might not be as impressive, yet it get's the job done, by providing shelter from all elements, sun and rain in particular, and allow you to sit under them, relax, read a book or eat a meal.

Awnings are very easy to install on any vehicle, and most of them have already got the brackets to attach to any roof rack, cross-bars or even side rails. If the regular brackets won't fit, it's possible to purchase L-shaped brackets in order to make things work.

Some awnings also give you the possibility of adding awning walls and even an awning room, ideal for better protection, or to have a place to camp, sleep, or store things.

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