Best Roof Top Tents In Australia In 2022

Watch Out For The Best Roof Top Tents In Australia This 2022

The world is slowly opening up, and right now, many people are looking to travel and enjoy the great nature while being able to stay comfortable and protected, and while this is happening, our team is getting the same question from those who are just starting their offroading journey - "What's the best Roof Top Tent for me?"

Our team has decided to do some research about the choice of popular roof top tents among Aussies, plus we also have collected reviews from our customers so you know that the information we have here is based from the experience of real people who have used these tents.

Before we go further with the comparisons, take note of these things before you completely decide to order your tent.

What to Consider when buying a Roof Top Tent? 


For most people, this is definitely important. Will the price fit my budget? Is the quality of the tent worthy of the money that I will be paying or am I just paying that much because of the brand? 

Hardshell or Softshell?

In essence, hard shell tents are ideal for those who will be moving a lot and will be travelling from one site to another site frequently. 

If you are looking to save money, or expect to be spending a bit of time at each campsite, go with a soft shell.


If you plan on attaching and detaching the tent from your car often, a low weight will make it easier to do so. The weight also affects the stability of the vehicle when moving over uneven terrain.

Also consider your roof racks, make sure that you don’t buy a tent that exceeds the weight rating of your rack, otherwise you’ll need to purchase a more suitable roof racks to support it.




The Wanaka Roof Top Tent is the first rooftop tent model by Guana Equipment.

Made with premium quality materials, this tent is gaining popularity because it is designed with the goal of having a true camping set up in mind. It can be easily installed and perfect for camping with large group.

What sets the Wanaka Tent apart is its extra large Annex. The Wanaka tent has an Annex Room that's 100" wide by 100" long and 75" tall - that's big enough to comfortably sleep a very tall adult, or simply to use a storage room for bags and gear, or as a private changing room.

  • Comes with an XL annex that can accomodate up to 2 people
  • LED Lights Included
  • Good for families or larger groups
  • 4-Season Camping RTT
  • Annex room has 3 entrances, with doors that become 3 awnings (poles included)
  • 3" thick high density foam mattress with washable cover
  • The overhang over the ladder, as well as the xl annex, don't make it ideal for smaller vehicles or lower cars.



The Nosara rooftop tent is the second model created by Guana Equipment. It's built with excellent materials, ideal to camp during the 4-seasons, and offering great comfort to couples or groups of 3 people camping.

Unlike the Wanaka tent, the annex that comes with the Nosara tent is the average size, and this is recommended for smaller vehicles as this is lighter.

If you are looking for a compact and a durable Softshell RTT, then the Nosara tent is the one for you. 

  • Lightweight, ideal for most vehicles
  • Fits 3 person
  • with small annex
  • WITH 3" thick high density foam mattress with washable cover
  • 4-Season Camping RTT
  • 3" thick high density foam mattress with washable cover
  • 1 YR warranty
  • Only available in one size.


The Darche Panorama RTT one of popular softshell RTT in the market today. This is the ultimate kit for your rig. Its compact design and super-low pack down profile reduces wind drag and overall vehicle height, perfect for lifted vehicles exploring the harshest road in Australia. 

Also made of heavy-duty materials, this tent is very reliable especially when camping during the summer season. 

One of the downside of this tent is that it is pricey for a softshell Roof Top Tent, especially with the annex being sold separately. 

  • Made of thick canvas
  • Offers 2 Year Warranty
  • Packs down to flat aerodynamic shape - won’t add too much to fuel costs
  • Comes with a 50mm thick mattress with a removable cotton cover
  • Annex is sold separately 
  • More expensive brand for a softshell Roof Top Tent


BLADE BY EEZI-AWN - Tough, Durable, High End

Eezi Awn’s all new BLADE tent is a revolutionary aerodynamic aluminum hard-shell rooftop tent.

Eezi Awn is a popular brand with over 36 years experience in the roof top tent industry. As an expert in designing hardshell RTTs,  Eezi Awn knows what is necessary to take a aluminium hard-shell rooftent to the next level. Blade is designed to be more functional and aerodynamic compared to its competitors.

  • Comfortable & large sleeping area
  • Built-In Double-Size Mattress
  • High quality YKK zippers
  • Power cable for connection to vehicle 12V plug
  • National Luna LED Light on Interior Roof
  • Elevated Roof Rear Accommodates Bedding Storage
  • 1 year warranty
  • Rear Rain Fly Opening with Spring Steel Rain Fly Rods
  • A bit expensive than the average Hardshell RTT 
  • Thin 280 GSM canvas


Skycamp 2.0 by iKamper - Iconic Hardshell Roof Top Tent

Skycamp 2.0 is the one of the best hardshell roof top tent for families and friends to go on any adventure. It includes a king size bed plus this tent is popular with its 1-minute setup design feature. 

  • Easy to set up
  • Space for 4 adults
  • Tent fabric is made of 300gsm poly-cotton tent (which is slightly thicker than most tent canvases) that is water-resistant and breathable
  • Based on customer reviews:  thicker / bigger size bedding will not fit inside when the lid is closed.


CAMP KING INDUSTRIES Aluminum Roof Top Tent - Certified Australian Made

The Camp King Roof Top Tent was launched in 2018 and is Australia’s first-ever one-piece hardshell roof top tent. They pride themselves for their high quality roof top tents made in Australia.

This Hardshell RTT is designed to integrate closely with Camp King's Alloy Canopies and Peak Series Tub Toppers, Camp King's hardshell RTT will also mount to most quality roof racks and cross bars on the market. 

  • Use of premium material in everything from the frame to accessories
  • One of the best choice for camping during summer
  • With six pockets inside the tent for more storage options
  • One of the heaviest option in the market - full set up is around 90KG



See the Price Comparisons below: 

WANAKA by Guana Equipment NOSARA by Guana Equipment Eezi-Awn Blade iKamper Skycamp 2.0 King Camp Industries Roof Top Tent
BEST PRICE $1949 - $2199 AUD $1449 - $1699 AUD $4449 AUD $5595 AUD $7870 AUD $1899 AUD


Let’s Wrap it Up!

There are wide quality options to choose from when it comes to roof top tents. In the soft shell category, our pick is the Wanaka Roof Top Tent by Guana Equipment - especially if you're after a big tent for you and your friends or family.

We have personally used and tested this tent in our camping trips and we are very confident to say that this brand has matched our expectation. Guana Equipment may be relatively new in the Australian Market, but this brand is very consistent in the US and South America and its because of the quality and their lower price point compared to more popular brands. 

Now, in the Hardshell Category, it's more difficult to choose. We're leaning towards the Aluminum King Roof Top Tent because of the premium material it's made of but if we're going to talk about pricing, we will go with the Eezi-Awn Blade.

I sincerely hope that this article will guide you to choose the best roof top tent for your overlanding trip. If you still have questions, feel free to drop a comment below or send your inquiry to

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