Best Roof Rack Systems For Your Toyota Hilux

Top Roof Rack Systems For Toyota Hilux

Introducing the Toyota Hilux

The history of Hilux dates back to 1968, where a Japanese car manufacturing brand Toyota released it for the first time. Hilux first came out as a short-wheelbase ute that's classified as a rear-wheel drive with four-speed manual transmission. 

Toyota Hilux 2021

Fast forward to present times, the Toyota Hilux was then referred to "Toyota Pickup", a collective term that defined the wide ranged models available from short cab to crew cab, four- and six-cylinder engines, long and short truck tub, manual and automatic transmission and two to four wheel drive. Currently, the latest Toyota Hilux available in the market is the 8th Generation Toyota Hilux, which originated from 2015 version up to the latest model, 2021. 

So what makes Hilux special and makes it stand out from the other pickup trucks available in the market?

According to, "The Toyota Hilux offers a smooth diesel engine, carries big loads comfortably, and tows very well. You can get it with two-wheel drive or dual-range 4WD, and in 4WD trim it is very good off-road. The HiLux comes in a big variety of models, among them comfortable, family-friendly Double-Cabs". So basically, a Toyota Hilux is an all-around, heavy-duty ute that is good for having outrageously fun, outdoor adventure with the whole family. 

Welcome to the World of Hilux Overlanding

Having a great pickup truck that has an extraordinary cruising power is the perfect monster rig for your overlanding adventures. The off-road prowess of the Toyota Hilux is extraordinary and superb when compared to different brands. Though this ute can fit in most of your cargo and equipment, it is still best and recommended to save up some tub space for something more important and install the Best Roof Rack System for your Toyota Hilux. 


What Roof Rack System Suits Better Your Toyota Hilux?

While it's best to have an idea on the Differences of Roof Rack Systems for your Hilux, it is also logical to know what will be the roof system's purpose and what will be its intended use. Will it be just to mount your cargo? Free up some tub space? Go on an outdoor rooftop tent camping? Your decision will entirely be based on your purpose, mate!

Front Runner Roof Rack System.


Cross Bars for Hilux

Crossbars, or sometimes load bars. are two heavy-duty parallel metal that runs perpendicularly on top of your ute. These bars can be used generally for mounting all sorts of equipment and even an RTT. If you want a lowkey roof rack system to put on your off-road truck, this is the best solution for you. Few of the samples of these cross bars are:

Front Runner Load Bar Kit/Track & Feet Toyota HILUX

Toyota Hilux Load Bar Kit by Front Runner

Front Runner, is one of the frontrunners in the overlanding aftermarket accessories. They have wide variety of choices especially when it comes to your Toyota Hilux. These Load Bar Roof Kit is perfect for a low-profile, minimalist approach that certainly deliver its purpose. Mount space-consuming cargo above your Hilux crossbar, freeing up some precious space on your truck tub! 

To know more about the Front Runner Load Bar Kit with Track and Feet inclusion, click HERE


Rhino-Rack Vortex 2500 2 Bar Roof Rack

Another trusted name for roof rack system specifically in Australia is Rhino Rack. They produce quality, top of the line and durable rack systems that fits perfectly to your Hilux. The Hilux Crossbar from Rhino Rack will surely be eye-catching as this crossbars can be easily installed or removed once not in use. 
Rhino Rack Roof Bars for Hilux
To know more about the details and proper usage and installation of these Rhino Rack Cross Bars, click HERE.

Hilux Bed Racks

Bed racks, like the one listed above, only tray or platform is installed, are great for keeping your tub free from equipment, your roof safe from added weight and more aerodynamic overlanding. This type of rack system is generally ideal if you want a spacious platform placed on your Hilux. 


Front Runner Load Bed Rack Kit

A 660-lbs load rating is all that you need when it comes to mounting almost anything from enormous cargo or bike with stand or even your rooftop tent installed. South African brand Front Runner designed the Slimline II Load Tub Rack for Toyota Hilux ensuring that only quality, durable materials are used and can withstand the toughest situation there is on the world of overlanding.

Front Runner Load Bed Rack Kit for Toyota Hilux

To know more about Front Runner Load Bed Rack Kit and its specifications, click HERE


Yakima Ute BedRock Combo

Another widely known supplier for durable tub rack is the Yakima. They produce relatively popular accessories and mounting system for Hilux ute. A great example for this is the BedRock HD Combo, a heavy duty ute bed rack that is perfect for mounting all sorts of equipment, gear and accessories to bring to your outdoor adventure.

Yakima BedRock HD

And true enough, Yakima's BedRock functions exceptionally well for Hilux tub as its material construction is one of a kind. Plenty of tie-down points and mounting location makes it more suitable for overlanding. 


Hilux Roof Racks

If you want something that's more all-around and can fit mostly of the intended purpose, the best option to choose will be is to get a Roof Rack for your Toyota Hilux. Getting one of these rack systems provides you with a platform rack steady enough to mount everything on top of your Hilux roof and have multiple mounting points that's ideal for overlanding. Roof racks are made to withstand tremendous amount of pressure and weather conditions, and surely are bang for the buck. You'll get everything you need to when it comes to cargo and equipment carrying capability. 


Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack Kit for Toyota Hilux

Front Runner is truly a leader in innovative overlanding solution. They provide plenty of options to their patrons and can cater to almost all kinds of vehicles, including varieties of the Toyota Hilux. 

Toyota Hilux Front Runner Roof Rack Slimline II

Front Runner Slimline II Roof Racks are top of the line, quality and heavy-duty companion for your off-road adventures because give off that strong and durable roof rack that is made from heavy-duty steel and black powder-coated aluminum. These materials are perfect companion in all types of seasons. 

Interested in owning a Slimline II Roof Rack Kit? Click HERE for more details. 


ARB Base Racks

ARB Roof Racks, or sometimes referred to as base racks, are popular choices for the Australian aftermarket. They have a perfect-fit roof rack readily available for your Toyota Hilux. 

ARB Base Rack Roof Rack Hilux
What separates ARB from the other roof rack systems available? The versatility to adapt to your cargo requirements are their priority. There are specific types of roof rack that corresponds to your need. Carrying lumber and timber, or other utility equipment that you need to transport? You can mount them here!

As a conclusion

What you'd surely want to get is something that will fit with your requirements. There are plenty of roof rack systems to choose from and you don't have to focus on just one. Presented right in front of you are the possible options that will make your off-road adventure with your Hilux a worthwhile memory.

You can either choose something that's reliable but isn't intricate (crossbars), or something that's there but placed behind (Hilux tub racks), or something more versatile and serves the all-around purpose (roof racks). Wildly, why not put a Hilux tub rack and a roof rack or crossbar to save some awesome space? Anyway mate, it's your choice.

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