Efficient Off-Road Adventures: The Power of 4WD Snorkel

The Power of Installing a 4WD Snorkel

Snorkels for your off-road trucks have the same functionality as the snorkels that we are familiar with. They help our vehicle’s engine to “breathe” when wading through bodies of water, such as when crossing rivers. The use of snorkels aids our utility trucks in taking in the air above the water, preventing moisture, dirt, and other particles from making their way to the engine. But do you know that snorkels provide more benefits aside when submerged with water?

River Crossing Vehicle

Benefits of Having A Snorkel on Your 4WD

Aside from the additional aesthetic and style that snorkels bring to your four-wheeled utes, there are numerous advantages and benefits of installing one or even a pair of them on your off-road truck. Let’s discuss these things to help you decide on getting vehicle snorkels one-by-one.

Engine Efficiency and Increased Performance

Ute snorkels are usually installed to almost level with your truck’s roof or slightly lower. Whichever the case, the elevated air intake system for your engine catches cold and cleaner air, free from dust and other particles. In turn, this “fresher” air helps maintain engine performance compared to the air collected from below, warm and full of dust, grease, and dirt if there’s no 4WD snorkel installed. 

Prevents Dust and Water Buildup

For off-road and overlanding enthusiasts, dust and dirt may continue to deposit inside your engine, clogging the path for air. Likewise, when there’s a need to cross a river or mud puddles, elements might find their way on your engine, eventually making it harder for them to “breathe.”

Better Performance Leads to Fuel Cost Savings

When airflow inside your car’s engine runs smoothly, everything else will follow. A car engine that needs less effort to intake and absorb cool, free from contaminant air, has a better chance of operating smoothly, thus making you save on fuel economy.

Lesser Visit to Maintenance Shop

A quality air intake reduces the risk of having blockage and clogging in your 4WD’s Air Filtration System. When installed correctly and maximize the usage of a raised air intake, snorkels can help reduce maintenance costs and prolong your vehicle’s everyday wear and tear. 

What To Look For When Buying A 4WD Snorkel

Already decided to get this elevated air intake system? Hold your horses first and let me give you additional pointers in getting the right one for your off-road rig. Snorkels are overlanding accessories that can help you overcome different trail challenges, but be sure to have the right one. Before installing a snorkel, you need to be more mindful of these things. This list can help you further in choosing the correct snorkel for you.

  • Be familiar with your off-road vehicle or ute and its rated wading depth - ensure that your ute’s engine is permitted to be submerged into certain levels. Aside from the engine, you should also consider electric and electronic mechanisms before going in the deep. 
  • Check if there’s a specific snorkel made for your 4WD - having a custom-made snorkel for your vehicle brand is something you should be aware of. This often means that your truck is ready to have a snorkel installed. 
  • Ensure that your snorkel’s quality is top-notch - when choosing the right elevated air intake system for you, make sure its material is made from durable composition. There are many snorkels out there that easily break with just a tiny rock when used, so be careful.
  • Choose the type of Snorkel - there are two styles of snorkels to choose from. Ram Type Snorkels are forward-facing and slam all air intake into their walls. On the other hand, Vortex Type Snorkels make use of the centrifugal force and swirl the air around to filter unwanted elements. 
  • Installation and Modification - remember that installing snorkels might need a few drills and holes to function perfectly. Grab something that can be easily installed and maintained, and ensure the functionality of a snorkel.

The Best Snorkel Recommendation For You

Now that you know the advantages of installing an elevated air intake and what to look for before purchasing them, let's have the most trusted brands for your off road ride. These snorkel makers are established doing their craft and ensure that you get the most out of their products. Take a look, compare and let us check if one of these brands is the right snorkel for your 4WD vehicle.

Safari Snorkel by Safari 4x4

Hearing the term “Safari,” the wildlife and outdoor adventure always comes to mind. Safari 4x4 ensures that your off-road experience will always be smooth and hassle-free. They specialize in creating accessories designed to strengthen your engine efficiency and maintenance. One of which is their Safari Snorkels.

Safari 4X4 ARB Snorkel

The ARB Snorkel Safari Airmax, is a newly designed and developed snorkel that has the capability of up to 70% air intake compared to the regular airflow intake of a vehicle’s stock housing flow. This durable snorkel from Safari assures its users better engine management, engine efficiency, fuel efficiency, overall maintenance, and inter-cooler systems. Aside from that, the ARB snorkel ticks off our list.

✅ Made from Industrial UV Stabilized Polyethelene

✅ Rounded-style Ram Snorkel with 4” neck that gives optimized airflow

✅ Maximum performance with tested design and flow by in-house experts

✅ Lifetime Warranty to ensure your money’s worth.

✅ Compatible with various truck brands:

  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • Ford Ranger, Ford Everest
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Mitsubishi Triton, Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Isuzu Dmax
  • Nissan Navarra

Interested in having a 4x4 Snorkel from ARB Safari? Click HERE to know more.

Dobinson 4X4 Snorkel

The Dobinson brand was established in 1953, offering initially products related to spring and suspension of an off-road utility truck. Over the years, their passion for improving utes performance has grown and introduced 4x4 accessories. They have produced numerous premium quality vehicle accessories that level up the performance of your monster rig—one of the prized products that they offer, the Dobinson 4x4 Vehicle Snorkel.

Dobinson 4x4 Snorkel

The 4x4 car snorkel from Dobinson is a game-changer for all the other raised air intake systems available in the aftermarket. With a competitive price given the quality performance, the Dobinson 4x4 Snorkels can provide cleaner air quality that is almost free from dirt and dust. With proper installation and management, the Dobinson snorkel can even seal out excess elements and moisture from your air cleaner. Why is Dobinson on our list? Keyword: Durability, Quality, and Affordability.

✅ Molded using precision CNC-shaped aluminum dies for proper fitment to your vehicle

✅ Manufactured from high-quality UV-resistant LLDPE that can last for years
✅ Easy-to-install and comes with installation templates and all mounting hardware. 

✅ Compatible with different 4x4 utility trucks such as:

  • Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, Land Cruiser, Prado, Hilux
  • Nissan Navarra, Patrol
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • Chevrolet Colorado
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Ford Ranger
  • Volkswagen Amarok

 Learn more about Dobinson 4x4 Snorkel through this LINK.

TJM Airtec Snorkel

TJM is one of the leaders in creating a memorable and thrilling outdoor experience through its top-of-the-line products that offer excellence and quality. Focusing entirely on off-road vehicles and trucks, TJM products, such as their Airtec Snorkel, are engineered with the highest level of performance, tested, and manufactured with utmost quality making them one of the prestige brands in overlanding. 

TJM Snorkel

TJM Airtec Snorkel introduces an innovative design that is paired with a well-engineered style. This ute snorkel’s body is more inclined and has an accentuated curve, different from the other products included. Aside from the aerodynamic structure, TJM Snorkels offer additional material strength and options when choosing your raised air intake system. You can choose from either polyethylene-made or aluminum-style snorkel to suit your needs.

✅ Stylish and complements the shape of your off-road truck

✅ Offers greater fuel efficiency and less air-filter clogging

✅ Made with High-Grade UV Resistant Polyethelene with Stainless Steel Fixture

✅ Built tough for challenging Australian conditions

✅ Individually designed for specific vehicle brands such as: 

  • Isuzu D-Max, Isuzu MU-X
  • Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado, Toyota Landcruiser
  • Ford Ranger, Raptor
  • Mitsubishi Triton, Mitsubishi Challenger, Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Mazda BT-50
  • Suzuki Jimny
  • Volkswagen Amarok

Excited to have TJM Airtec Snorkel on your truck? Follow this LINK.

Phat Bars Snorkel

Phat Bars specializes in outdoor vehicle accessories such as sliders, bullbars, and rear bars. Recently, they entered the Snorkel scene, and the results are overwhelming. They offer 4-inch stainless car snorkels that can be custom-made according to your vehicle type. They value the products' excellent condition and after-market service. This brand is one of the fastest-growing outdoor accessory companies in Australia. 

Phat Bar Snorkels

Phat Bars Raised Air Intake System is produced with a seamless finish featuring a reverse-facing snorkel. Exuding elegant styles that can match your preference, you can have them in either polished, glossy texture or with black powder coating. Every purchase of the Phat Bar snorkel comes with a complete set of installation kits that makes mounting easy to do. 

✅ Maintains the truck’s engine efficiency by ensuring smooth airflow

✅ Trendy and stylish design that matches your preference makes your snorkel stand out or complement your vehicle’s color and style

✅ Heavy-Duty, durable material made from top-grade composition

✅ Compatible with different truck brands, and possible installation of twin snorkels

  • Isuzu D-Max (D-Max Twin Snorkel Setup)
  • Ford Ranger
  • Mazda BT50
  • Toyota Hilux (Twin Snorkel Setup, Passenger-Side Setup, Long Snorkel) 
  • Toyota Landcruiser (Short-Entry Snorkel, Twin Snorkel Setup)

Interested in having a Phat Bars Snorkel? Click through this LINK

Fatz Fabrication Snorkel

Fatz Fab is known to be Australia’s 4WD specialist. When it comes to ute trucks, they are one of the trusted names for off-road accessories focusing on monster rig engines. Fatz Fabrication manufactures and conducts tests to ensure maximum efficiency when installing their products, such as a vehicle snorkel or an engine air box.

Fatz Fabrication Snorkel 4WD

One of the selling points for Fatz Fabrication Snorkel is that they take pride in their work’s quality, aesthetics, and aerodynamics. Produced in-house, the Elevated Air Intake System from Fat Fabs are made from 316-grade stainless steel tube, giving you the guarantee that these snorkels have durable and sturdy materials. These snorkels can be purchased in either a glossy finish or black-powder coating, which can add finesse to your rig.

✅ Having stainless steel as your material composition gives hard, rigid, and strong snorkel to withstand different elements. 

✅ Rear-facing snorkel that can be modified to have ram head orientation

✅ Comes with installation instructions and needed hardware tools for easy mounting

✅ Finished in seamless form made from tube and bend material for secured aerodynamic capacity

✅ Available and compatible with different vehicle types such as:

  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Hilux
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Mazda BT-50
  • Ford Ranger
  • Nissan Navarra

Interested in owning a Fat Fab Snorkel? Click this LINK

Let’s Wrap It Up!

One of the main purposes of installing a snorkel is for your off-road ride to cruise and finish strongly when there are rivers to cross in going to your destination. When this airflow system isn’t installed, damages may happen and I’ll tell you it’s very hard and anti-climactic to experience them during an adventure. 

Aside from the aesthetic and added design that snorkels give off to your ute, there are far more advantages in having one (or two) elevated air intake system/s. A bonus for having a snorkel installed is the improved engine breathing, which resulted from the elevated cold air intake. And generally, everything else will follow when you take in clean and dust-free air. Filters will need less maintenance and fuel efficiency will improve. Installing a snorkel is not a matter of why as it definitely brings more to your truck. 

However, there are plenty of 4x4 snorkels present in the aftermarket. Make sure to get something that is suited for your preference. What will be the orientation of your snorkel? Would you like to get something that is low-key present on your utility truck, or do you want something that stands out? What materials do you want your snorkel to be made of? These are some of the factors that you need to consider before having one. 

To be honest, there’s a disadvantage of installing a snorkel on your ute. First, there will be modification and drilling for proper connection to your engine. However, if you weigh in this factor, take note of what benefits you’ll get from installing one. Well, after all, it depends on your preference and your usage. Only you can tell if you need one. But I know, you probably will.

What are your thoughts? Tell us more about your experiences in having an elevated air intake system on your off-road ride. Connect through our social media platforms and let us talk about overlanding and outdoor adventures. Join our Facebook Community and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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