The Best Rock Sliders & Side Steps For Your Toyota Hilux

If you are a fan of the outdoors and love adventures and off-road vehicles, you have a high chance that you own a Toyota Hilux. The Toyota Hilux handles whatever the road throws at it from the city to the mountains.

 Built to take on anything from urban commutes to rigorous off-road routes, this is a pick-up truck that you can rely on when it really matters.

The Toyota Hilux is a flexible truck that offers a comfortable ride and smooth handling and is safe to drive. You will have peace of mind on the road in all conditions, and it offers reliability for both urban and rural driving.

The Hilux is also lightweight and has a convenient payload capacity of 1 tonne, allowing easy loading and unloading.

If you want to live on the edge and discover a bit of the bush, the outdoors, or some other off-roads, we definitely advise you to use extra equipment such as rock sliders and side steppers.

Rock sliders are designed to provide your vehicle with side protection when tackling obstacles off-road. They not only look good on your vehicle, but they will prolong the life of your tires, lower panels, and sills.

Both rock sliders and side steps are helpful as they protect your vehicle; that is why in this article, we will mention both of them, so you can choose which one works best for you.

There is a slight difference between rock sliders and side steps. Side steppers are made to assist when getting in and out of your ute or vehicle, they tend to have a smoother look, but rock sliders are better at protecting your vehicle from harsher terrains.



Review Of The Best Rock Sliders and Side Steppers


Piak Side Steps Curve Down Checker AL Plate For Toyota Hilux 2015+

 Hilux Sliders

The Piak Side Steps are perfect for your Toyota Hilux because they mount to the original manufacturer specified mount locations and include vehicle-specific brackets.

In addition, these Hilux side steps have a high strength steel construction and 3 point mounting system to provide maximum strength and eliminate frame flex.

The plate is easy to install using the existing holes on your vehicle's side and comes with all the necessary hardware to help you get started. The Piak side steps are perfect for preventing splattered mud from getting onto your seats, carpeting and doors in your vehicle.

With these Piak side steps, you can easily park in tight spaces and head indoors without leaning over to get in and out of the truck.

Piak Side Steps are designed to make your life easier because of their durable powder coated finish and a two year warranty if you buy from their original site.

There are also side steps for the Piak for the single cab Toyota Hilux. The price is around $1,000.

ARB Hilux Side Steps


ARB Hilux side steps are built to protect your vehicle's doors, panels, and sills while looking mighty and beautiful.

The Hilux side steps are made from tubular steel, making them incredibly durable and safe. Users say the Hilux side steps can withstand numerous rock hits without leaving smaller or bigger dents.

 The Arb Hilux side steps are designed to mount directly to the centre of an existing bumper bar and mounts just as if it was part of your bumper. These aren't going to break or crack like plastic ones and bolt on in seconds for a clean look.

ARB Hilux side steps are user-friendly because you can reach the roof cargo easily.

Space-wise, you can improve the cargo space of your truck at the same time. Side steps that run parallel with the vehicle's car door will offer extra benefit and space, especially when there is luggage in the back of the vehicle.

The Arb Hilux side steps can be folded neatly into their base plastic bracket and stored conveniently in seconds when not in use.

The side steps are suitable for the dual cab and extra cab wide-body variants. The price of the ARB Hilux side steps is in the $1,000 range.

TJM Side Steps


TJM Side Steps are made from high-strength steel over the full length of the vehicle with unique mounting points on your chassis, providing a solid feel when crawling over rocks.

Apart from the steel tube, tjm side steps have alloy plate step treads, which are good for the debris.

Combine these features of the tjm side steps with ADR compliance, and you have comprehensive protection for your Hilux's side sill sections and doors ahead of your next adventure.

Keep in mind that they are for dual cab models only. The price range of the TJM side steps is from 1025-1350$.

TJM Rock Sliders


The TJM rock sliders are made out of black powdercoat steel tube with black texture alloy plate side treads. Thus, they protect your side sill sections and doors perfectly when you are riding through more rough terrains.

This set installs between the body and frame and comes with all the mounting hardware needed to secure them to your vehicle.

The company offers a 3-year warranty and Australia wide support for their tjm rock sliders.

TJM rock sliders are compatible with these Toyota Hilux models:

  • Toyota Hilux 08/18-07/20
  • Toyota Hilux 09/2015 - 06/2018
  • Toyota Hilux 08/20-On

Keep in mind that they are for dual cab models only. The price of the TJM rock sliders is $1165.

Legendex Rock Sliders

   Large ViewLarge ViewLarge ViewLarge View Toyota Hilux N80 2.8L Dcab 2015 to current | Legendex Rock Slider (pair)

 Legendex Rock Sliders are designed to match the aggressiveness of your vehicle. At the same time, providing extreme protection to the lower body of your car and unmatched style and functionality.

Legendary protection for your vehicle, this set of rock sliders are designed to protect your Toyota Hilux N80 from off-road hazards.

The legendex rock sliders are compatible with Toyota Hilux N80, and their military-style reversed dimple-die plates will offer both strength and drainage.

The price range is from $1000-1,250.

Xrox Rock Sliders


Xrox rock sliders have the unique ability to provide ground clearance over rocks and ruts and provide underbody protection for high-speed off-road driving.

Xrox rock sliders are premium rock sliders for the Toyota HiLux models from 2012 onwards that feature a fully welded steel frame to protect the rocker panels of your vehicle and allow you to slide over a large obstruction.

Toyota Hilux Vigo dual cab Xrox rock sliders fit dual cab and extra cab models. The price range is from $925-995.


Let's Wrap It Up


No matter if it's your day-to-day commuting on the daily grind or you take off on a journey that takes you off-road, a good set of rock sliders and side steps is an excellent addition to any vehicle.

You shouldn't worry about installing the rock sliders and side steps; you just need to follow simple instructions. You can mount the side steps or the rock sliders on the truck's body within minutes, with no drilling, cutting, or welding required.

We have listed several companies that produce rock sliders and side steps for the Toyota Hilux, so you can choose the one that fits your budget and needs. As you see, there is a slight difference in the price and the features, but overall the companies we have mentioned offer security and safety.

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