5 Best Bull Bars For Your Ford Ranger

Going on an off road adventure in your Ford Ranger is most definitely a very rewarding activity. Having a proper bull bar to protect yourself and your ute from any collision with an off road animal that might jump out of nowhere is something that you should consider for an even better and safer experience.

Before we start to talk about the best bull bars for your Ford Ranger, let’s talk about what bull bars are exactly and their types, what they are made of and what they are used for.

What are Bull Bars?

Bull bars, are devices installed on the front of a vehicle to protect it from collisions, such as collisions with large off road animals in the bush or with another vehicle.

Their sizes and shapes vary considerably, and usually, they are built from welded steel or aluminum tubing, or, increasingly, from molded polycarbonate or polyethylene. As the name implies, the "bull" in the name refers to cattle, which sometimes roam on rural roads and highways in rural areas.


Bull Bar Types

There are various bull bar sizes, shapes and types to choose from. The most common bull bar types are:

  • Single Loop

This type of bull bar features one loop over the vehicle’s radiator which would then be attached to the bumper. Single Loop bull bars for sale provide a great compromise between front-end protection and weight distribution.

  • Bumper Bar

This is the most basic form of front-end protection but provides better protection compared to the stock fender.

  • Triple Loop

Triple Loop bull bars provide maximum protection at the cost of having a higher weight. A triple loop bull bar is essential for those travelling in locations that are notorious for their high percentage of collisions with animals.

  • Nudge Bar

If you are looking to get a bull bar for aesthetic purposes, then nudge bars are for you as they are not designed for heavy impacts.

  • Baja Bar

Similar to bumper bars, this style of bull bar offers added reinforcement to the chassis so that high-power winches can be used on them easily.


Ford Ranger PX2, PX3 and Raptor Differences

Since we are going to talk about Ford Ranger bull bars for the PX2, PX3 and Raptor models, we need to understand their differences. Therefore, let’s dive into the them and observe the differences between these models.

The release of the Ford Ranger PX2 brought about a significant facelift to the T6 platform that was originally released in 2011. The novel front end was the most obvious change as well as upgrades to the in-cabin tech.

The PX2 is a great ute for every purpose. It features an aggressive look, retuned suspension componentry, the addition of a new Electric Power-Assisted Steering system, and tech upgrades to get with the times. Ford also tweaked the 2.2-litre engine to have more power.

The arrival of the PX3 model had a big change to the powertrain with the addition of the 2 litre bi-turbo diesel mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Despite the measures taken to give the Raptor more off-road prowess the powertrain hasn’t been touched, so you’ll find the same 2.0-litre EcoBlue under the bonnet - producing an identical 210bhp and 369lb ft of torque - as you’d get in top-of-the-range Rangers.

This is the main weakness in what we’ll loosely call the ‘business case’ for the Raptor, in that it lacks the soul of something like a V6 or V8 to make the package feel like more than just an upgrading exercise; albeit an extensive one.

The diesel groans rather than sings, and in this respect you never entirely escape the feeling that the Raptor’s core is a little bit hollow.


Why Are Bull Bars Useful?

You might be wondering why are bull bars useful and how much security they provide by now. In short, they are very useful due to a lot of factors and can keep your vehicle safe from damage. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a bull bar mounted on your Ford Ranger.

First of all, as we previously mentioned, bull bars protect the front of your ute from damage that can occur as a result of collision with a large or medium sized offroad animal. It should go without saying that you should avoid collisions at all costs. Remember, minimise the chances of animal strikes by trying to travel at times other than dawn and dusk.

Apart from the protection they offer against collisions with animals, bull bars are perfect for protection in general. Overlanding is an activity that puts vehicles to the test since it includes driving on very difficult terrain that include various hazardous objects ranging from big rocks, sticks, stones, etc. that can get caught up in various areas in your ute and seriously damage it. Bull bars prevent this.

In addition to protection, bull bars can serve as a great winch bar mounting point. Of course, there are various methods of mounting a winch without the use of bull bars; however, bull bars are the simplest. Therefore, getting your ute out of a tight spot will be simple.

The days of vehicles with simple chassis rails extending out front are long gone, yet recovery loads are increasing. Some bullbars have recovery points built in, others as an option, and others help expose the chassis so points can be added. Without a bar it may be difficult to fit recovery points.


The 5 Best Bull Bars For Your Ford Ranger

 Now that we have covered all the necessary information that you need to know about bull bars, we will review the 5 best Ford Ranger bull bars.

Piak 3 Loop Elite Winch Bar for Ford Ranger Raptor

This triple loop winch bar from Piak is considered to be one of the best bull bars for your Ford Ranger Raptor from the 2018 model to the current.  This bull bar covers the whole front bumper and provides the best possible protection as it is made from very strong steel. Moreover, it features a split front panel that provides maximum strength and airflow.

In addition to the protection from big objects and animals, it features a durable polyurethane overriders for minor impact protection as well. Maximum safety  is not the only great feature. This elite winch bar Includes PIAK LED, indicator & clearance light and provision for driving lights. As a result, driving at night and tough road situations will be easier than ever.

Key Features:

  • Full bumper replacement.
  • Slim fitting bar which does not add much length
  • High Strength steel construction for maximum protection
  • Multi-fold wing design including taper for optimum strength
  • Optimal approach angle
  • 5mm outer tubing and centre cross bar and 50.8mm lower tubing
  • Extensive protection plates on both sides
  • Split front panel to provide maximum strength and airflow
  • Durable polyurethane overriders for minor impact protection
  • Provision for driving lights
  • Two aerial brackets standard
  • Twin hi-lift jack points
  • Includes PIAK LED, indicator & clearance light
  • Combination bar that suit both winch and non-winch applications
  • Retains OE LED Fog lights
  • Retains OE tow points
  • Retains OE Giant bash plate
  • Finished in matte black powder coat
  • ADR and Airbag compliant
  • 2 year warranty

Purchase by clicking HERE.


PIAK Elite No Loop Bar for Ford Ranger PX2 and PX3


Maximum protection is what this no loop bar is renowned for. Equping this elite Ford Ranger PX2 and PX3 will ensure that your ute avoids all sorts of potential damage as it is constructed with high grade steel. Airbags can also be fitted as it is airbag compatible.

 Moreover, it will surely give your ute an aggressive look in addition to its durability. This Piak bull bar is fitted with LED combination lamp for Indicator & clearance light and fog lights, so you will have a clear vision of the road in any situation. Supplied in a durable black powder coat finish, color coding is available as an option that suits your preference for a fully integrated look.

Key Features:

  • Airbag compatible mounting system.
  • High Strength Steel construction that has the attributes for low corrosion.
  • Fitted with fog lamps.
  • Fitted with LED combination lamp for Indicator & Clearance light.
  • Multi fold wing design including taper for optimum strength & approach angle.
  • Combination Bar that suit both winch and non-winch applications.
  • Split front panel to provide maximum strength & airflow.
  • Twin high lift jack points.
  • Three Aerial brackets standard.
  • Provision for Light Bar & Driving Lights.
  • Provision for OE front parking sensors.
  • Surface finish-Matte Black Powder Coat.
  • Supplied with triple protection plate.
  • Airbag compatible mounting system.
  • Compatible with Tech Pack.

Purchase by clicking HERE.


Hamer King Series Bull Bar For Ranger Raptor

Hamer has spared no expense in designing this triple loop bull bar that fits perfectly on the Ford Ranger Raptor. As far as protection is concerned, 3mm thick steel plates are included in its design, ensuring great durability. Another great feature is that it is winch compatible with laser cut holes for easy access.

Protection that it offers comes at a price; it is very heavy, meaning it can slow down your ute. However, it is a small price to pay if you take into consideration its other features such as its specialist design that allows maximum airflow to the radiator.

Key Features:

  • Exceed ADR standards of approval in all states and territories – airbag and crash sensors fully functional
  • Made from high quality 3mm thick steel plate
  • Winch compatible – laser cut holes to allow access
  • Market-leading, advanced powder coating black surface finish (custom colour to suit OEM colours at additional cost)
  • Appealing LED fog lights, indicator, daytime running lights and position style compliment and allow OEM switches to carry over and function per usual
  • Specialist design to maximise airflow to the radiator


Rival Bull Bar Ford Ranger PX2 and PX3

With this Ford Ranger bull bar, you will not have to choose between speed and protection as it offers exquisite strength and protection due to its lightweight aluminum design that will ensure your ute to not slow down after equipping it. They are perfect for people looking to avoid an aggressive looking bar.

It features integrated recovery points; they are one of the best reasons for getting a bull bar. With this eye turning stylish and functional bull bar that comes in a matte black finish, you will have a winch mount and access alongside built-in tow hooks and high lift jack slots.

Key Features:

  • Integrated recovery points
  • Built-in tow hooks and high lift jack slots
  • Winch mount and access
  • High quality welds
  • Designed for ease of fitment with 6mm Drivetech 4x4 Underbody Armour by Rival
  • ADR69 compliant
  • Bumper will vary from image.
  • Bumper kit does not include winch, hawse or shackles.
  • Fog lights are an optional extra


ARB Deluxe Ford Ranger PX2 Bull Bar

This ARB deluxe bull bar features a full steel construction for maximum protection that covers the whole front bumper. All around protection is ensured  as it has extensive under protection panels on centre and either side. It offers a solid platform to mount essential ranger accessories and a split pan design for maximum airflow.

Both winch and non-winch applications are equally suited. Taking into account this arb bull bar price, it is safe to say that it is worth it. Additionaly, it features a superbly engineered, air bag compatible mounting system that secures to chassis via high tensile bolts. Finally, it is finished in a hard-wearing powder coat with the added option of colour coding to individual vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Vehicle specific design to complement the Ford Ranger PXII and maximise functionality
  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection
  • Incorporates ARB’s renowned multi fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle
  • Cover straps attached to the uprights ensure there are no exposed edges
  • Continuous uprights through the bumper section of the bar strengthens the outer frame
  • Superbly engineered, air bag compatible mounting system secures to chassis via high tensile bolts
  • Equally suited to winch and non-winch applications
  • Will accommodate a selection of Warn, Magnum and Bushranger low mount model electric winches
  • Twin Hi-Lift jacking points located in the pan of the bar
  • Provision to accommodate ARB Intensity LED, and a range of IPF and Bushranger driving lights
  • Recessed indicators and parking lights


Let’s Wrap it Up

By now you should have an idea about which bull bar would best suit your Ford Ranger PX2, PX3 or Raptor. The aforementioned bull bars are unique in their own way and owning any of them is better than going without one as they offer protection in a greater or lesser degree.

Additionally, protection is not the only thing to take into account when purchasing a bull bar as there are other features that are vital as well. The modern bullbar is novel a complex engineering product; it has to be airbag compatible, be strong enough to handle animal impacts, be able to mount a winch and work with modern vehicles which pack a lot of equipment up front.

Finally, it also has to look good… but bullbars are more than about looks, they’re on utes for vital reasons.

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