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4x4 Water Tank Review

We’ve created this list in order to explain what 4x4 water tanks are, what they are used for, why you need them, and also to showcase our vast collection of them. Water tanks are a must have, especially for those longer off-road or overlanding trips where you would not have any access to clean and drinkable water sources.

As we already mentioned, we have a vast collection of 4x4 water tanks, so in this said collection you will find a variety of different water tanks sizes and shapes that will fit a variety of off-road vehicles on the market. With that being said, we hope that you’ll find a 4x4 water tank model that’ll suit your needs and will accompany you greatly on your next off-road adventure.

But before we do get on with our list and showcase what we think are some of the best 4x4 water tanks models, we want to explain what they are and also answer a few more questions that you might have before actually acquiring one.


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Best 4x4 Water Tanks


BOAB Water Tank Options

BOAB designs and manufactures one of the best 4x4 water tank models on the overlanding market right now. Apart from having tanks of different capacities, they also have tanks of different shapes which makes it easier to choose the right one for you that will fit in perfectly with your off-road setup and thus taking the full advantage of the space you have inside or even outside your vehicle. Keep in mind that we did not review every single BOAB water tank we have but you can take a look at the rest of them right HERE!


BOAB 120L Ute 4x4 Water Tank

BOAB 120L 4x4 Water Tank

Let’s start off this list with one of the biggest 4x4 water tanks we have at our disposal and probably one of the biggest 4wd water tanks you will ever find on the market. This 4x4 water tank was designed and created by BOAB, a company that manufactures a variety of different overlanding and off-roading goods and accessories.

This water tank is constructed out of durable plastic that also has a BPA-free design which makes storing water even safer on those longer trips. It has a rectangular design with a tap on the bottom corner of the water tank and it can be used on Ute trays, truck trays and you can even mount it on some camper trailers. You can even store it in your trunk if you can fit it in there.

A great thing about all BOAB Water Tanks is that they provide various secure mounting options, including brackets, straps, or custom mounts, ensuring a stable installation for off-road journeys. Its versatile design allows for flexible positioning, keeping the tank securely fastened. As we already mentioned, this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, 4x4 water tank on the market right now and will surely be a great addition to your next overlanding trip!



BOAB Flat Small Water Tank

BOAB Flat Small Water Tank

Next up we have one of the more unique designs from BOAB and it is the flat water tank or vertical water tank. This 4x4 water tank can be placed behind the back seat of your vehicle, in front of ute trays, on your roof rack or pretty much anywhere you have enough space to place it safely so it does not tumble while you are driving on the road.

It has a 45L capacity which is significantly less than the previously mentioned water tank but it is still enough to last you even for a week! It weighs only 8 kg and has a with of only 90mm! Another cool thing about this BOAB flat water tank is that it comes with integrated nutserts. They are there to assist the tank in stabilizing (stop it from sliding).

As all the other BOAB water tanks, this one is also virtually indestructible thanks to its heavy-duty build that can take a beating even when driving on some of the harshest terrains out there. While it may not be the biggest 4x4 water tank out there is oes have one of the more unique designs that allows it to be placed without taking up too much space so that you could have more room for your other overlanding gear.

Even though this 4x4 water tank is supposed to be placed horizontally, you can even lay in on its side an that way store in in the truck of your vehicle!



BOAB Poly Roofrack Water Tank

BOAB Double Jerry Can

We all know about jerry cans and how they are simply perfect for transporting liquid as they are easy to carry and also easy to pack up into your vehicle. But a jerry can as you already know cannot transport too much and that’s why BOAB has decided to create this double jerry can water tank model that doubles the size of one jerry can and allows you to carry more water without having 2 separate containers.

It is created out of the same heavy-duty, built-to-last materials as the other BOAB water tanks and it has a 40L capacity. It weighs only 4 kg and can be stored in various places inside or even outside your vehicle. You can even attach it to your roof rack using the specially designed double jerry can holder that’ll keep it in place even when traveling on the roughest of terrains.

It has a secure and leakproof seal, ensuring that all of your water remains safe during any transit and thus gives you peace of mind, knowing that there won’t be any spills or leaks while on the move. This is one of the simplest water tanks to use and for a shorter overlanding trip there is no better option than this double jerry can 4x4 water tank!

Since they don't need to placed in any particular place you can always carry more than one of these BOAB Poly Double Jerry Cans and that way stock up your supplies even for weeks to come! Unlike other big 4x4 water tanks, this one is also the easiest to carry making it one of the best choices and also one of our top recommendations so be sure to check it out!



Front Runner Water Tank Models

Front Runner is one of the most famous overlanding gear manufacturers and they have been making some of the best off-road equipment for quite some time now. They have a wide range of gear to choose from but today we are going to talk about their 4x4 water tank models. They are constructed out of BPA-free polyethylene which can withstand pretty much anything you throw at it. Keep in mind that we did not review all of the Front Runner water tanks we have at our disposal but you can take a look at them all HERE!


Front Runner Biggest 4x4 Water Tank

Front Runner 67 L Water Tank

This 4x4 water tank made by Front Runner is their biggest 4wd water tank they have to offer. Made from BPA-free polyethylene, it can withstand some serious beating even on the harshest off-road terrains out there. It has a capacity of 67L which will be more than enough to supply even a bigger group with water for several days.

It weighs 7 kg and it can be mounted to virtually any flat surface. That means that you can store it inside your vehicle or even on top of your roof rack but in order to do that you would need to have a roof mounting brackets to safely secure it so that it will not detach or slip off when you are driving over rough terrain.

It can be used for storing drinkable water or even be used to store water for showering however if you do decide to use it for showering purposes keep in mind that the hose kit necessary for that does not come with it and you would have to get it separately. As we already said, this is their biggest 4x4 water tank and will surely be a great addition to your vehicle and your next off-road trip so be sure to check it out!



Front Runner Footwell Water Tank

Front Runner Footwell 4x4 Water Tank

Up next is one the most cleverly designed 4x4 water tank that Front Runner has to offer. It is a footwell water tank that well, sits on the footwell behind the front seats. You can place your feet on top of it when riding inside the vehicle and it has a 40 L capacity that will come in handy on your next off-road or overlanding trip.

It too is made from BPA-free polyethylene and its design allows for fitment into most vehicles. It has plastic pipe fitting on each side of the water tank for ease of use and you can use them to attach taps or even just a hose that you can use for showering. Keep in mind that hoses and taps are not included and that you have to get them separately.

It weighs only 5 kg and installing it takes only a few seconds. This 4x4 water tank will not fit in Toyota FJ Cruiser models, Lexus GC 470 or 3dr Jeep Wrangler models. It has a pace saving design that you will benefit from as it leaves you with extra space that you can use to store the rest of your off-road gear or even just for more passengers inside your vehicle.



4x4 Water Tank Accessories


BOAB 12V Water Pump

BOAB Water Pump

This is a self-explanatory product but we will still go over it a bit and review some of its great features. Now as you already know, in order to be able to have a shower out in the wild, you should either have to have a water container that sits above your head so that gravity could do its thing and that the water inside the said container could get out.

But not all 4x4 water tanks can sit on top of your vehicle or higher so that’s why if you want to freshen up and get a quick shower you would need to have a water pump. Luckily, BOAB has made a 12V pump that has an auto pressure switch and has a 35 PSI cut-off, and can pump up to 3.8 L of water per minute.

It is a budget-friendly pump that is also very lightweight making it extremely portable and easy to store on your next adventures. It is yet another amazing BOAB product and we recommend that you check it out!



BOAB Hose Kit

BOAB Water Pump Hose Kit

We talked about a water pump but what good is it to have it if you don’t have a hose attached to it. That’s where this hose kit for 12V water pump comes into play. It is, as you would expect, another self-explanatory product. Tis kit comes with a 2m long reinforced hose as well as all the necessary fittings and clamps.

Keep in mind that this is not strictly used as a shower hose kit, but you can use it to transport water form one container into another or even wash some dirty stuff when on your overlanding adventure. It is yet another amazing product and if you have or plan on getting a water pump then we recommend that you check it out!



Front Runner Water Tank Mounting Brackets

Front Runner 4x4 Water Tank Mounting Brackets

The last 4x4 water tank accessory on this list is the water tank mounting brackets made by Front Runner. They are constructed out of 3CR12 stainless steel and have been black powder coated to increase resilience and prevent any scratches or erosion that may occur in muddy or dirty environments.

They are very lightweight and are easy to mount onto your roof rack so that it can hold your Front Runner water tank. That way you can use he force of gravity and use the hose kit for a nice shower when you are on your next outdoor adventure!

They come in different sizes to hold different size water tanks and you will see both the brackets for the 67 liter tank and the brackets for the 45 liter tank below this text!




What Is A 4x4 Water Tank?

A 4x4 water tank is a specialized reservoir designed for off-road vehicles, specifically those with four-wheel drive capabilities. It serves as a dedicated storage unit for transporting water during off-road adventures or in areas with limited water sources.

Constructed from durable materials like HDPE or stainless steel, these tanks are built to withstand rough terrains, impacts, and adverse weather conditions. They can be securely mounted to the vehicle, whether on the roof rack, rear bumper, or inside the cargo area, depending on the available space and tank design.

The capacity of 4x4 water tanks can vary, ranging from smaller sizes of 10 to 20 liters for compact vehicles to larger capacities of 50 liters or more for extended off-road trips or situations requiring greater water quantities.

Water can be accessed through a built-in tap or outlet, allowing for easy pouring or attachment of hoses. This enables various uses such as drinking, cooking, cleaning, and other water-related needs during outdoor activities.


Do I Need A 4x4 Water Tank?

Having clean and drinkable water is definitely a necessity wherever you go. That’s why having a 4x4 water tank is pretty much an essential accessory to any off-road vehicle. Now, sure, you can always carry a canister of water in your trunk or on your roof rack or wherever you have space. But that can be a little messy sometimes as you would have to carry many canisters to last you a few days.

4x4 water tanks are much bigger and they can carry all of the water supply you might need for your next off-road trip. Since they are big and heavy when full, they come with a tap which makes it convenient to pour out your water without having to move them around and potentially waste your resources if you are not careful enough.


4x4 Water Tank FAQS


What is the best 4x4 water tank?

We cannot say what is the best one as that completely depend on your needs but if you want the biggest water tanks that you can find then you should look at the BOAB 120 L capacity 4x4 water tank.


Do water tanks need a pump?

That depends on what you want to o with them. If you only want to use it to drink watr out of them then no, they do not need a pump. However, if you want to use the water from those tanks for showering then you would need a pump to pressurize that water.


Should I have multiple water tanks for a car?

Well, nothing is really stopping you from doing that if you feel like you need to have more than one. You can always opt for a bigger tank if you need more water supply or just carry more than one of you can safely secure it so that it does not tumble around in your vehicle.


Are water tanks for cars necessary?

No, they are not. They are good to have, especially on off-road or overlanding adventures where you would not have a clean water supply. But if you do not use your vehicle for off-roading then you probably don’t need one or at least not a big one.


All 4x4 Water Tank For Sale

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