Will My Bull Bar Affect My Parking Sensor?

Whenever you’re checking for a bullbar, there will always be some questions that will pop into the back of your head. One of those, and we definitely understand why, will be about the compatibility issues of your off-road vehicle’s features with the piece of trustworthy steel you’ll add. Many overlanding enthusiasts also contemplate letting go of the parking sensors while having a sturdy and reliable bull bar in place. But is it really necessary to choose between these two?

Will my bull bar affect my parking sensor? The answer depends on which bullbar you decide to put on your vehicle, but most of them will. However, there are multiple types and brands of sensor-friendly bull bars, and there are those that can accommodate OEM parking sensors when you want to make your off-road adventures safer and more secure.  

piak bull bar

However, other factors must be considered before getting your prescribed bull bar, like being familiar with your pickup truck first. This means that you have to be aware of where your parking sensors are placed so that you can find a matching style and design for your vehicle.


Where Is Your Vehicle’s Parking Sensor?

Your vehicle’s sensors are placed strategically to help you cover the blind spots not only when you are parking but can also assist you in maintaining a safe distance between your surroundings. Typically, parking sensors are mounted at your vehicle’s rear and on the front of your car. 

These parking sensors can be made of little devices run by either ultrasonic or electromagnetic sensors and are usually accompanied by cameras to get a clearer view of what objects you might come into contact with. These sensors emit frequencies or signals and then calculate the time they bounce back to your device, telling you the proximity of your car to certain obstructions.


Do Bull Bars Affect How Parking Sensors Work?

This information might be technical for some, but when bull bars are installed, they may disrupt the parking sensor signals and give inaccurate reaction regarding the distance of other objects to your off-road ride. So it’s best to know whether or not your chosen bullbar will be compatible.

Suppose you are already okay with the design your chosen bullbar will add to your overall setup. In that case, you can let go of the front parking sensors and not consider them anymore as, most of the time, the front camera will still work, and the rear parking sensors can be more helpful. 


How To Maximize Front Sensors Features With Bull Bars

If you are torn between choosing your front parking sensors or giving your off-road vehicle the maximum protection against bumps and crashes, you may need to look at the right set of items available as your options. We have numerous designs and bullbar collections that you may check if it’s compatible with your off-road vehicle. To help you decide, here are some advantages of utilizing your front parking sensors and a fully-installed bullbar. 

Front Parking Sensors

Bull Bars

Give an early caution against nearby obstruction, alerting you from colliding

Lessen impact against head-on collisions against objects on your way

Provide a supplementary view of blind spots through front camera

Protect your overlanding vehicle from bumps, scratches, or intense crash

These advantages, when combined, give you better peace of mind when driving, especially when you are in unfamiliar territory. Think of these two combinations as a prevention and precaution tandem to keep you and your off-road ute safe always. 

Having a bull bar while maximizing your parking sensor may not be available for some brands and models. Still, some aftermarket models may allow you to enjoy both features, like the Piak bull bars. This off-road brand has plenty of bull bars that can accommodate front parking sensors while being free to mount heavy-duty bumpers for protection. 

When buying a bull bar, or anything related to off-road or overlanding, you need to check first if what you’ll get is compatible with your vehicle and if it won’t hamper any of its safety features. If there is, then you have to check other options. As for the bull bars, parking sensors might get affected, but there are innovative brands out there that can give you the best of both worlds.

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