5 Of The Best Roof Top Tents For Your Toyota Hilux & Mitsubishi Triton

5 Excellent Roof Top Tents For Your Toyota Hilux & Mitsubishi Triton For Travel, Road Trips & Adventures

If you are the owner of a Toyota Hilux or a Mitsubishi Triton, then we know as a fact that you are a true off-roader and outdoor lover. However, going on road trips with friends, family or travel groups would be a lot easier if you have the perfect build and mods for your rig. 

Many times you will have to carry lot's of gear or demanding cargo. This will be easier if you have the perfect crossbar, platform roof rack or load bed rack for your Hilux or Triton. 

In other cases, if you want to boost your adventures by going camping and overlanding, then you must look for the right roof top tent. This way, your travels will help you space within nature, feel the freedom and connection from the outdoors. 

If you are ready to travel easier, more comfortably and sophisticated, you are in the right place. You might feel overwhelmed when attempting to modify your ute with the large amount of options available in the market. This is why we decided to come up with a list of the best mods available in Australia.

As experts in the off-road and overland industry, these are frankly the highest quality, most durable and reliable builds you will find. Some of them you can find in our website, others are available in other sites.

You might know some of these brands, as they are giants in the overlanding industry that will forever change, for the better, your way of traveling.


5. Front Runner Featherlite Roof Top Tent

Triton with Front runner Feathelite Roof Top Tent

Front Runner is known all around the world for providing some of the highest quality, reliable and most sophisticated products in the overlnading industry. Their Featherlite Roof Top Tent is no exception.

Perfect for your Hilux or Mr. Triton Ute, this is an excellent quality tent, suitable for rain, wind and heat, making it a 3-season tent. It is a Soft-shell roof top tent and a more affordable option. Yet, with its Oxford 400D canvas, it is completely strong, and of course with the aid of the rainfly, you’ll stay dry and protected.

This is the lightest soft-shell in the market, weighing only 43 kgs, making it really easy to mount on the roof racks, crossbars or bed racks, as well as not impacting your fuel economy. It will comfortably fit 2 adults and a child or pet, and has over a 6cm thick mattress. 

All the way from South Africa, The Featherlite Roof Top Tent was made to last. Tested on the extreme conditions and trails of the South African soil, this is a tent to consider for the many rough trails you will find in Australia.


4. The Bush Company Alpha Clamshell Roof Top Tent

The Bush Company Alpa Clamshell Roof Top Tent on Mitsubishi

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the ALPHA Clamshell Rooftop Tent is completely innovative and with excellent functionality. It brings together the brand’s many years of experience in aluminum manufacturing. Plus, they have personal experience being outdoor and camping enthusiasts, which makes them more reliable to provide durable and high-quality products.

The ALPHA has come to be a well-known roof top tent in the market your Ute. It conveniently sets up in under 90 seconds, and has a lot of unique features unlike any other.

It is completely modular, making it easier for you to attach desirable accessories. It has a fully welded lightweight alloy frame with high quality powder coated finish. It has two layers of 300g poly cotton rip-stops mould and mildew resistant canvas on body of tent to aid reduction of condensation.

Plus, it comes with a pre-wired internal LED light in the roof, and with two electric socket boxes to the inside of the tent with twin USB and CIG Socket. It also has 6 storage pouches on inside of roof, 2 large pouches on each side at foot ends and convenient water bottle pockets on each side at head end.


3. Eezi Awn Stealth Hardshell Roof Top Tent

Hilux with Eezi Awn Stealth Roof Top Tent

Eezi Awn is a famous South African brand and manufacturer that has been building car top tents for over 30 years. It is one of the most recognized brands in the overlanding industry, and it has outperformed competitors for decades. In addition, this brand makes all their rooftop tents in South Africa with local workers, materials, and designs.

The stealth is most likely one of the best, if not the best, hardshell rooftop tent in the market. It is aluminum built, which means the shells are tougher, stronger, better built, than other hard top tent in the market.

A reliable option that continues to outperform many competitors, the Stealth has a simplistic, yet one of the easiest designs to handle. It is a 4-season camping tent, which will sustain all kinds of weather conditions you might encounter.

The Stealth Hardshell Roof Top Tent offers a comfortable sleeping footprint for two adults and can easily be opened by only one person. Plus, the full process takes only seconds to complete.


2. Guana Equipment Wanaka 55” Roof Top Tent With Annex

Guana Equipment Wanaka 55" Roof Top Tent on Toyota Hilux

All the way from the Costa Rican rainforest, Guana Equipment is a rising brand that has proven its worth and excellent work. After years of using, testing and living numerous experiences with roof top tents, they created their own brand with the best quality for off-roaders and outdoor lovers.

After trying out quite a few brands, they knew what they liked, that they lacked, and what was needed. The Wanaka 55" Roof Top Tent is their first model, one with features that stand out when compared to other softshell roof top tents.

In 2020, this model was upgraded to an even higher quality, better features and a longer lasting build. This is a 4-season camping tent, that comfortably fits 3-4 people (3 on the tent, 1 adult fits inside the annex).

It comes with an anti-condensation mat, 2 show bags, LED Lights, 1 utility net under the bed base, entrance window, sky window, and more. In addition, it comes with a special skylight in the overhand of the tent, providing a 270-degree vision when inside the annex.

Plus, it has a 1-year warranty, ensuring its durability, reliability and excellent quality.


1. Darche Panorama 2 With Annex Roof Top Tent

Darche Panorama 2 Roof Top Tent with Annex on Pickup

Based in regional Victoria of Australia for the past 26 years, Darche has completely revolutionized the market.

The Darche Panorama 2 is one of the best options when it comes to rooftop tents in Australia. It is a high-end roof top tent and is ideal for people who like additional space provided by its built-in-annex.

Additionally, it has great ventilation and is built with an excellent functionality, it is completely sophisticated and high quality. Also, it has a low-profile design which means less wind resistance when on the move.

Overall, this is one of the most sought roof top tents in Australia, one that has a top-quality build and a good-looking design, perfect for all your overlanding adventures.

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