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Guana Equipment Wanaka 64" Roof Top Tent Setup With XL Annex - 3+ Person
Wanaka 3-4 (XL) - 4 Person Rooftop Tent Setup With XL Annex - by Guana Equipment  Guana Equipment's biggest soft-shell rooftop tent: the Wanaka 64". This is a very big car top tent, with a 3-4 person capacity to comfortably...
from $2,799.00
Guana Equipment Wanaka 55" Roof Top Tent Setup With XL Annex - 3 Person
Wanaka Roof Top Tent Setup - Fits 3 People - Extra Large Annex, Anti-Condensation Mat & LED Lights - by Guana Equipment After years of using them, testing them and living numerous experiences with them, the guys at Guana Equipment...
from $2,199.00
Guana Equipment Nosara 55" Person Roof Top Tent Setup - 3 Person
Nosara 3 Person Roof Top Tent With Annex - Anti-Condensation Mat & 2 Shoe Bags Included - by Guana Equipment The Nosara rooftop tent is the second model created by the guys at Guana Equipment. It's built with excellent materials,...
$2,099.00 from $1,699.00
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